Sunday, 2 October 2016

CS 1500 Intraoral Camera - The ideal tool for any dental professional

Meet the CS 1500 Intraoral Camera: the ideal communication tool for any dental professional. Delivering precise, true-to-life images with each shot, the CS 1500 Camera provides the visual evidence you need to educate patients and make more accurate diagnoses. 

Available in both a wired and wireless version, the CS 1500 Camera was designed for mobility and ease of use. Boasting a true autofocus and intuitive camera lighting system, the dental digital photography camera requires no manual adjustments and is easily shared between different examination rooms and chairs. 

TWAIN compliance ensures the camera integrates easily with third-party dental digital photography imaging software.

The CS 1500 Camera provides the following features and benefits:

CS 1500 Intraoral Camera

The Ideal Conversation Starter:
As the definitive tool for enhanced practitioner-patient communication, the CS 1500 Intraoral Camera generates images of remarkable sharpness and clarity. Offering the large depth-of-view necessary for both intra- and extraoral images, the CS 1500 Camera is an all-in-one solution for dental digital photography still shots and videos. From full arch to macro views, the camera delivers consistently clear, high-resolution dental digital photography images that can be easily shared with patients—so they see what you see and are more likely to accept your treatment recommendations.

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